@bowlisimo Oddly enough pathfinding was not improved as far as I can tell. The PR spiel touts major engine improvements, but they forgot about that one. I will say the loading is instantaneous. Thats pretty nice. A quick load will immediately plop you where you were without so much as a thought. So there are some nice things going on underneath the hood, but its very rare that you will actually notice.

One thing about this version is that it seems the developers are sctively going to be updating and improving the game over time. Not just with DLC (of course) but with actual improvements based on feedback.

I was a little dissapointed that at launch the multiplayer is only Direct IP connect. I felt it was a missed opportunity. In the game though you see a message that indicates that you will eventually be able to browse active games through BeamDog.net. So there may yet be a revived multiplayer community, though I suspect it to be mostly a dedicated few.

The extent to which the game is updated will determine, I think, whether this will be THE version of Baldur’s Gate. It is nice that people don’t have to root around through mods to get this experience. Im an anomaly in that I enjoy the convoluted task, but there are some worthwhile things here for fans that don’t enjoy doing that. The BG2 classes really do change the game substantially.

Im currently lobbying on the forums for them to create class specific missions/guilds like in BG2. The community input apparently has been fairly substantial up to now, so hopefully there will be some great stuff coming for fans… I hope I hope.