Welcome to the Squadron of Sale! Good to see a lot of hard…and well, comparatively easy sales being made. Just glad a few folks leapt aboard the Cargo Commander business. It is a joy.

@beige Oh, indeed. Farming Simulator 2013…outside of being industrial vehicle pornography – consider it research material – the game milks that same dopamine teat stroked by the Harvest Moons and Animal Crossings of this world, minus the marriage proposals and raccoon mafioso respectively.

I mean, just latch your orbs onto that trailer! I half expected a moustachioed Franz Mueller to walk towards the camera to introduce this week’s episode of EuroFarm and the unveiling of the new Krone wheat header. “Willkommen, unt haf ve got a great show in store!” he says, a shiny Case plough-rig turning clods in the background. This show, and the host, are sadly figments of imagination.

There’s online co-op, if anyone picks it up and feels like shunting a Porsche bailer around a paddock while I turn a field for the canola crop. One of those curiosities that the German PC developer environment could not only make and sustain, but have a serious fanbase to the point of oodles of mods being available for the game.

I do go to a fair few agricultural shows, but like you’d expect, we’re not dealing with the American midwest or the Australian wheat basin…so the hardware is pocket-sized for the most part – discounting earthworks machinery. Paddy planters and rice combine harvesters, tea picking caterpillar tractors and such. Certainly very specified gear, but the size of the big Western rigs is magical, perhaps even romantic. I certainly love to wander about these contemporary feats of industrial engineering whenever I get a chance.

@cgrajko @shingro It’d be great to get some EYE co-op in, but it’s so hard to snag uninterrupted stretches of gaming these days, compounded by our time differences. Would love to, though, so perhaps if I can get a weekend to myself over the Christmas/New Year period, we can hack gothically…as the French seem to insist we must.