@beige There’s untold possibilities for write-ups here, especially given the economic state of Europe and threat of climate change. What a harrowing time to be a Bavarian sugar beet farmer. With a young wife, child on the way…this lemon of an inheritance. This is make-or-break stuff of Steinbeckian proportions.

Just imagine the rumination, the doubt, the uncertainty. Nothing but you, a few jalopies not fit to call tractors and a squawking, uncooperative brood of chooks that just won’t damn well lay. The last hope lies just o’er yonder, fallow land at the mercy of the market. You scrunch a ream of paper, marked rough with produce prices. Catarina stands on the porch, weary but resplendent against the balustrade with forearms gently locked around her pregnant belly. Your first seed sown, the choice of what next to sow looms long and large.

@bowlisimo Let me tell you a little somethin’ about the classical era curves of the GRIMME TECTRON 415.

(Rocketry does…ever so slightly…edge out potato harvesters, so you win this round.)