@UMD You better not be kidding about Farming Simulator. I see that constantly on Steam and am always sort of morbidly fascinated by its existence. I demand writeups! I hate to admit it but it’s possible I would be able to get totally into SimFarm if it were more like Sim City and less like Farmville. That sense of slow progression has always appealed to me.

@angryjedi As ususal, the games press is not focusing on the same appeal elements in their coverage of Hitman as I would. Now, to be fair, I’m only on chapter 5, so I can’t comment on the story beyond just “so far it seems interesting” and the graphics in the sense of “gosh it’s pretty”.

Here are some (slight) spoilers: The mission I played last night involved escaping a building while a figurative noose tightened around my neck constantly thanks to escalating actions from the Chicago police department. This sort of “escape as shit goes south” mission hasn’t been seen since Hitman 1, and even then you were escaping AFTER assassinating someone. This time, no target — just “run for your life” which coincidentally was the mission name.

This mission involved four EXTREMELY different and very tense sequences comprising:

  • A high-pressure, burning building sequence with tons of smoke and shadows and fire, slipping through smoke-grenade style thick covering smoke and embers
  • A whisper quiet sequence in a huge and super interesting environment with tons and tons of environmental detritus and tons of cops, all of whom were casting about with flashlights while bad electrical wiring flickered on and off.
  • A tense cat and mouse sequence with a helicopter that was trying to spotlight me through the windows of a condemned apartment building that bled into…
  • A raid on a huge and super well realized grow-op, with tons of hilarious scripted sequences, giant fields of cannabis ( that I could stealth through for a Challenge) hanging sheafs of hippie beads, blacklight sequences, a disco, a mudbath sauna room and a safecracking min-segment
  • A SWAT team raid on a tenement complex
  • A super impressively realized and extremely tense but veeeeery slow-moving climax escape sequence involving a hugely crowded subway platform and station completely packed with confused commuters. Dozens of cops pushing through crowds, shining flashlights into the faces and ripping the hats off of easily hundreds of NPCs packed shoulder to shoulder, shouting, angry, frustrated because the trains had stopped running. 47 could blend into crowds by standing still, looking away from cops, reading newspapers, fooling with vending machines, etc. Inching slowly, slowly, sloooooooooowly towards the portion of the station where he could flee and make his exit.

All one mission — many completely different, totally separate flavors of tension with no target in sight. I’m sad that RPS seems bummed on the game, but for my money this kind of thing is exactly what I want in my cinematic exfiltration. It took me all evening to complete the way I wanted to, and it was STILL only 1 of 20 missions in the game. Challenging and tense, I felt exhausted when I finally succeeded in achieving my stealth goals after MUCH trying and retrying. If I go back and do it again, totally different playstyle. I’ll be grabbing swat guys and impersonating officers and walking through crowds using totally different means.