I read somewhere that the new Wii also won’t have an SD card slot or any USB ports… Yeah, no clue what’s going on there, but I guess they’re cutting out everything that could add to their manufacturing costs.

Sorry I’ve been so aloof lately. It’s not y’all; it’s me. I’ve been hard at work on some scholarship that has been way too labor intensive. I got this bright idea to write about a Romantic poem, and I somehow thought my knowledge of late 19th century Brit lit would translate to early 19th century Brit lit. (Fun fact: it doesn’t!)

My better half and I went a little buck wild on Black Friday sales (and I had to bite on the GOG sale), so I have accumulated my fair share of new stuff to play in the last week. Here’s the full haul for those curious:

To the Moon
Gemini Rue
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Mass Effect 2 (the one for PS3 with the motion comic so I will never have to play ME1 again ever)
Fifa 13 (This was my girlfriend’s choice… It took us a solid hour to figure out how to play a match because the menu options are infuckingscrutable.)
Lego Lord of the Rings (Totally dope. Anyone who likes the movies and/or Lego games and/or co-op play will enjoy this)