@redswir1 That’s because that’s what Hawken is. Really, you can reduce any mech sim down to: “It’s a shooter, but you’re a mech instead of a guy”. A lot of people feel that way.

Here’s the thing though, the older games, such as Mechwarrior, were more immersion and simulation than they were shooter. It can still devolve into circle strafing, but it’s about the cockpit, the heavy footsteps, towering over everything else on the battlefield, ridiculously devastating weapons, heat management, weapon groups, torso twisting while walking a different direction, taking massive amounts of damage, massive missile volleys arcing across the sky, lasers cutting through smoke, overriding automatic shutdown and firing everything you’ve got despite every klaxon and warning light telling you your reactor is about to go critical, the inevitable mushroom cloud from said reactor going critical, I could go on and on.

If you ask me, a mech battle should be more like two warships broadsiding each other, you know? A slug fest. Two armored up, horribly beweaponed warmachines reducing themselves to boiling slags of armor, dragging limbs behind them. Robot Jox. If you don’t FEEL like you’re a piloting a a 100 ft tall walking tank, then you’re doing it wrong.