No love for Front Mission, mech heads? I mean, yes, you’re not getting the PPC “throw the switches, damn the torpedoes” cockpit effect, but if you want to pore endlessly over spreadsheets waffling between the VBC-22001a at 600 pounds and VBC-X-2200b heating coil at 625 pounds for your heat sink solution, that game basically has it in spades. Also, Beige loves micromanagey tactical games of any kind.

I love that cockpit feel. The WRZHRW WRZHRW of hydraulic legs stomping across a ruined street somewhere where, as Bowley says, ungodly weapons are deployed against huge behemoths.

Basically, just that Samurai Jack episode which is 20 minutes of silence and stillness punctuated by gigantic mecha firing huge ridiculous lasers at each other, then silence and stillness.

Samurai versus Mondo Bot from samurai jack on Vimeo.