If I’m gonna mess around with mechs, it’s either gonna be Zone of the Enders or a game where I spend half my time obsessing over my mech’s hydraulics, fuel efficiency, what have you, along with the feel of the cockpit. Most importantly, I want that sense of scale to be there. I’m waiting for that all-in-one shooter where I can be a regular dude on the ground playing a fully-formed FPS, then hop into a customized mech towering over everything while also fighting other mechs, helicopters, tanks, whatever. That’s what makes mechs in Halo 4 feel so cool.

I’ll admit that Hawken’s art direction is superb, but the only thing that tells me I’m in a 30ft mech is the fact that I’m standing face-to-face with 20-story buildings. I dunno. Maybe I want some kind of futuristic ArmA with mechs or something. Whatever.

Everything in my head right now is basically coming from this: