@bowlisimo Been playing Planetside as well. The scale of battle is pretty much unlike anything I have seen in a FPS. Its quite an overwhelming site at first. Where do I go? I started by running towards where the hundreds of ally indicators were pointing me. Soon the sounds of explosions and gunfire greeted me, telling me … yes… this was where the fight was. Now what? Mayhem.

Dogfights above me. Tank fights infront of me. Oh god! My pee shooter was not going to take on a tank, let alone 10 tanks bombarding the base. So I stuck with other infantry, providing a solid resistance in buildings. It was here that I found a way to change my class. I had a rocket launcher at last. Lining up my shot on one of those tanks, I thankfully hit it from my hidden purch on the upper level of a building. It did not get destroyed however. No. It was a formidable beast. Tanks are best contested by other tanks it seems, but I did take a chunk out of him before he casually pointed his death chamber my way and the whole process started again as I found a new conflict to air drop into. Cool game.