Planetside 2 = Battlefield X 1000

The scene: Big fucking snow planet. Hoth. The distant sun is slowly going down and casting huge rays of sunlight over the biggest game map I’ve ever played on. There is a small, functional outpost maybe two or three football (American) field lengths away from a towering central base, several stories high. This big. My faction holds the outpost, and it has been under assault by another faction, which happens to hold the aforementioned gigantic central base.

I’m at the outpost in a MAX suit (power armor) trying to defend the place. It’s not going too well. APCs are showing up and spilling out troops by the dozen, and the troops are all over the place. Jump jets, grenades, lasers, bodies.

Suddenly, hundreds (not an overestimation) of players, teammates, start spawning at the outpost to defend it. Our faction was dominating half of the map. The main push had been taking place further South. They must have won, and were redirecting forces to this place.

The enemies running around the outpost get wiped out by floods of allied troops. Vehicles start pouring out of the place, APCs, ATVs, tanks, dropships, fighters, MAX suits, and the entire force makes a move toward the super fortress 300? yards away over a no man’s land of snow.

There’s little resistance. Our troops make it all the way to the huge support structures at the base and get mowed down by a huge wave of defending enemy reinforcements. The push gets decapitated right there, everyone is cut off, people run away, I get stuck with some other guys in a nook in the superstructure. They die to grenades, I’m screwed, my suit takes a rocket to the face.

I respawn back at the outpost, grab another MAX suit with a minigun and an anti-air attachment, and follow the rest of the stream of troops back into no man’s land. By then, clear lines had been drawn. Friendly forces were strung out along a small ridge in the topography and clustered behind large outcrops, popping in and out to take shots. People had set up and were manning a string of machine gun turrets, tanks were duking it out long distance, trying to flank, and recklessly crashing through the battle lines only to blow up 5 seconds later. Overhead, dropships taking off were being shot down by friendly fighters, and those fighters were being shot down by enemy ones, and then the enemy fighters were being shot down by ground forces. COMPLETE BEDLAM.

Anyway, to make a long story shorter, we tip the scales enough to fight around the base of the fortress. All the while, massive defensive guns fire at us from the upper decks. The enemy really digs in and fights us for every inch we take here, but we keep moving forward. Fighting breaks out in the support buildings near the back of the base, window to window, door to door. Eventually, we push into the first megafloor of the fortress, with fighting taking place over multiple levels, on stairways, from balconies, people taking cover behind computer banks. Just ridiculous amounts of troops and gunfire and explosions.

Then my game crashes, yay PC gaming. : /

I get back in to see the fortress taken and troops rolling out in a column to take the next slice of map.

The actual shooting guys part of the game isn’t the best, and is fairly generic in how it looks, but man, you can’t see this scale of battle anywhere else.

Did I mention it’s free to play?