I have a new rule regarding Steam sales: Before buying I ask myself how long it will be before I can actually install the game, and how many Steam sales will occur before that time. Darksiders 2 is definitely one game that I will have several more opportunities to get on the low-low before I’m actually ready to play it. Ain’t even installed the first game yet.

I’ll finally try to at least look at a demo of The Walking Dead.

My current suggestions:
Unity of Command – $10 (there is a demo)
Limbo – $2.50 (also a demo)
Edge – $3
Sworcery – $3

As for Planetside 2, that’s the first game in the last five years that I’ve looked at and finally decided “yeah that probably won’t run well on my current computer.” If I can get a new one this year then I’m definitely down.

Oh, and apparently Far Cry 3 is getting marked pretty high by people I trust, Rock Paper Shotgun in particular. I was one person who loved Far Cry 2 despite its flaws and am just hoping they kept what was good about that game.