@angryjedi A really spectacular thing your doing. Ive had many experiences with Social Anxiety and Depression that have completely altered the course of my life. Support of friends and family definitely kept me in check, and I think any support people can get is a fighting chance in a cruel condition.
I am what one would consider a late bloomer. I didn’t really see a life outside of Mental Illness, and I was too afraid to try. Ill never forget how the value in my life was reduced to the next few video game releases I had to play. How unreliable that was. I couldn’t even talk to a cashier in a store without a panic. I was an awkward fellow for sure, just wanting the world to forget him.

Today I am happy, and strong. Its not like I live a life without any sadness or anxiety, but its full of prospects. I am writing about things I care about in university, and write about other things I care about here. I found someone I can share my life with. I kinda decided that my life is in fact mine to enjoy, mine to discover, and life is too short. Move outta my way. lol.