I dunno, Tech critics could probably speak to things like the power of the current hardware, how it compares against industry averages maybe, potential output and suchlike.

Still I suspect the game critics who are in the trenches every day might have a better idea of the console’s *potential* since they know more about things like “how Sony’s divided departments tends to affect console update rapidity” and “How Microsoft’s highly restrictive certification process affects their online store” and “Nintendo’s notorious inexperience with online systems and online social elements”

I mean, I wouldn’t say that it wouldn’t be worth getting opinions outside the industry, but I think the people who follow these things every day would have valuable experience in the matter, so long as you trust the outlet. If I imagine Tested doing a review of the Wii U vs GiantBomb doing a review of the Wii U… I think I’d assume Giant Bomb would have a better idea of the Wii U’s future as a platform, rather then as potential.

Not that it matters since it seems that everyone’s review is hedging like a hedgehog might hedge if a hedgehog could hedge hedges. Also there does seem to be a current of severe jaded-ness about. I suspect none of the consoles are going to fair pretty well under the public eye. Hard to say!