@unmanneddrone Okay, yeah, let’s talk about this, as it’s bugging me a bit.

Every new console launch in the last few years (and by that, I mean 3DS, Vita and now Wii U) has been met by nothing but cynicism, snarkiness and what seems like a very genuine desire for the new systems to fail. And I’m not talking about fanboys here — I’m talking about the press.

Some systems come out of this initial “gauntlet” better than others — you could argue the 3DS is in a relatively healthy place right now — but others don’t. I feel a big part of the Vita’s struggles can be attributed to the initial negativity over things like battery life (which hasn’t been an issue in my experience) and people not wanting to engage with it as a result.

In Wii U’s case — no, in all of these cases, actually — “reviewing” a console at launch is a completely fruitless exercise. Putting a score on it is even more ridiculous. Systems, by their very nature, evolve and change over time, particularly now we’re in an age where you can patch your hardware as much as your software.

I get where some of the criticisms are coming from. It’s frustrating to have to download a patch before all the functionality is in place. But you only have to do it once — and it’s not as if the most important part of the system, namely the ability to play games is inaccessible without the patch. If you’re going to review a console, surely you should talk about the everyday experience of it rather than just what happens the first time you turn it on.

The reason why this is bugging me so much is that the press reaction is a complete inversion of the reaction from people I know who actually own one now. Granted, in the latter case there is probably an element of wanting to justify their own purchase, but so far I have seen very little but genuine affection for the new system. In the press’ case, they seem to be actively looking for things to nitpick — things that may not even be an issue for some users.

I think I’m just tired of cynicism. People claim they’re fed up of the same old, same old, but as soon as something new and interesting shows up it’s responded to with negativity. A new console launch should be an exciting time!

Just my take. Call me an idealist. I somehow doubt it will affect Wii U sales, but I’m sad to see Vita flagging and consistently derided, as it’s a wonderful piece of kit, and I far prefer it to my iOS devices for portable gaming.