@unmanneddrone @angryjedi People’s views on the WiiU were decided way ahead of time – how long have we been hearing the “end of current cycle, not start of new cycle” line amongst enthusiasts – even before anyone actually played the damn thing? I don’t think WiiU had much of a chance in that context. The real joke of the cynicism is that people say they want something new but actually, all they want is for graphics to look shiner and EVEN MORE HD. All the new Xbox or Playstation has to do is up the resolution, keep everything else the exact same and I guarantee people will be ecstatic.

As for the WiiU itself, I am interested overall but right now, I can’t justify buying a new console at the moment. The Giantbomb videos I’ve seen of some of the videos give me hope – parts of Nintendo Land seemed genuinely fun, ZombiU actually looked pretty cool and NSMBU is what it is. Probably next year but I have way too many games left to play on my current consoles to get through.

Also, hardware reviews are just ridiculous at this point especially given that the primary function of the console is to play games works fine and realistically, the best of which won’t come out until developers get comfortable with the hardware so we won’t see the hardware’s real potential for a while. How smooth the OS works, how the online functions right now means nothing, especially given that we know things are missing and that patches are needed/coming. Just stick to reviewing the launch games people… if you want to review the hardware, at least give it a few weeks to allow for patches and initial server crunch to die down.