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Squad iOS users: In case you’re interested I had a fun time this morning with a new iOS game called Devil’s Attorney.

Elevator pitch. Lawyer game, but not like Phoenix Wright. Turn based strategy (?) (!). I KNOW.

You’re playing Max McMann — a delightfully horrible individual. Setting: Some ill-defined period obviously in the mid 1980s judging by the opening title movie, neon colors, shoulder pads and crass, hyper-materialistic overtones. Max is a defense lawyer, but unlike Phoenix Wright he is a terribly amoral person and pretty much 100% of his clients are quite obviously guilty as hell from the get-go. Your job is to acquit these horrible people, gaining wealth, status and material posessions in the process.

Cases begin with the mundane (defending Chinese hot-dog cart guy who is obviously putting questionable meat inside the hot dogs) and escalate in severity from there. Rival lawyers are suitably colorful, with plenty voice-acted zingers and one liners trading across the courtroom floor.

Gameplay: Turn based. I’m particularly impressed by the fact that this game is the first I’ve seen in a long time to abstract the familiar mechanics of hit points, attacks, etc. into something besides just raw blood and guts and damage. You have a “case strength” (your own internal HP) and each of your “opponents” (lawyer, piece of evidence, witness etc.) has “credibility” score roughly corresponding to its own HP meter. Each round of questioning you must choose various “attacks” ranging from defamations of character, tampering with evidence, swaggering and posturing,etc. which carries various riders on each attack. Your job is to knock out and discredit each adversary using a combination of things like direct damage [interrogate: Does 2-4 credibility points of damage against human witnesses] and various contextual buffs or defenses [bluster: gain 5 case strength points for a single turn], etc. etc. Turn based strategy with, you know, legal stuff.

Rival lawyers will all have schticks – some do more “damage” based on how many witnesses are in the box, some will gradually increase in “power” during prolonged trials, etc. etc. All have various personalities which you can exploit.

Winning cases gets you money which you can spend on things like gigantic stereo systems, waterbeds and 80s wallpaper for your apartment. Spending money on these rediculous items levels up your three independent tech trees: Materialsm, Vanity and Decadence. I just bought a supremely tacky faux-ionic-column glistening kitchen makeover (“It’s like it’s classical and contemporary AT THE SAME TIME!”) for my apartment that raised my Decadence +2. As you level up in those three areas, new skills and powers are unlocked.

Still early in the game, but the production values are very slick for something that costs $2.99 or whatever it is on your phone. Easy recommendation for people like me who love both that inimitable 80s flavor and turn-based gameplay on the go.