@bowlisimo Hopefully you can dock, I’ve been wondering this as I’ve got another friend with a Hornet, his buddy has a Constellation as well. Convoy anyone 🙂

@bluesforbuddha every little bit helps, thanks for the offer, package was $250 for that ship so anything you can throw my way would help. I’m currently resisting all the “additional” ships they are offering. I’m hoping we can design a custom livery for the squad at some point.

The great thing is though is that any ship you get through the preorder/kickstarter has lifetime insurance, you just lose any mod’s you’ve added to the ship. If you were to achieve the ship in game, you’d need to pay a fee for insurance, and even then you’d only get back a percentage of its value.

Its the exploration aspect that has me a little stoked for the game, dog fightings all well and good but I love the prospect of an open universe to explore and trade in. Or pirate if the whim takes me.