@bluesforbuddha It is indeed. I had to explain this to my brother after E3 two years ago. It’s kind amazing how little Nintendo has been able to hype up their new console 18 months after first revealing it. I for one think it was a mistake to hold back the TV ad campaign until the month of launch. Maybe Nintendo was waiting for the Wii U to pick up the word-of-mouth leading up to launch that the Wii did. Despite the Wii U not being as much of a marketing hit right off the bat, I think we can still pretty comfortably say that they’er gonna sell all their units for this fall. Anyone else who would theoretically buy one probably wouldn’t be able to until spring, giving Nintendo’s marketing department a little time. Maybe Nintendo getting the system out just prior to Thanksgiving will turn out to be a smart move when people share it with visiting family. I hear NintendoLand is actually turning out to be an excellent family game.