Serious question: who would be interested in having a serious attempt at making an interesting, unusual story-based game next year?

Here’s what I’m thinking: make use of something like RPG Maker VX Ace (which I own a copy of) to bring it all together, as it’s an enormously flexible engine that can be expanded and tweaked as necessary. It’s also proven to be good enough for great games — To The Moon and Corpse Party are both RPG Maker creations from previous versions.

Those who are interested in contributing can each take responsibility for a particular area. What I thought could be quite interesting would be if we had some sort of overarching meta-storyline, then individuals responsible for writing/scripting the individual episodes. Sort of kind of like The Walking Dead is doing with its guest writers for each episode, only with a top-down RPG style. Each writer would be responsible for determining the “format” of their episode, and they wouldn’t have to follow the traditional RPG formula. For example, one episode could be a combat-heavy dungeon crawler, the next could be a dating sim, the one after could be a series of adventure game-style puzzles. I have a vague idea for how we could justify this shifting around of styles in narrative terms, but the specifics would depend on exactly what people were interested in doing.

The RPG Maker VX community has plenty of great free resources, but it would be nice to have some custom graphics, sound and music, too, if people would be interested in contributing in that way.

If you fancy it, let me know and we’ll see if we can start knocking some ideas around in private. I really, really want to make a game but I am also not sure it’s something I can practically do by myself. I’m happy to do all the RPG Maker-wrangling as I know it quite well, but I think it’d be a lot of fun to do as a group project. Or it might be something that makes us all hate each other and never want to speak to each other again. But it would probably be fun. 🙂