Glad to see everyone enjoying TWD, I finally broke down and just replayed episode 4 after my save game disaster a few weeks ago. Seems like everything is more or less in line, so now I’m excited about episode 5.

I’m trying to remember what I meant when I said I wanted all games to be TWD (sometimes I just say stuff), but I think I was referring to the relative lack of friction: ie. no backtracking, thermoses to collect, or impossible bosses. For the most part (a few ill-conceived action sequences aside) you’re always moving forward. Also, being able to have a complete experience in a single sitting is mad appealing these days.

Of course, I’m now at the other extreme, having put 15 hours into Assassins Creed 3, only to have my save game mocking me with a big ol’ 39%. Oy.

One last thing: now that SWTOR is free, anyone going to give it a look? Or a re-look? Just curious, I let my subscription lapse, but I still would like to see how my character’s story ends.