@mjpilon Sounds like advice from my Assassin’s Creed pamphlet. Yeah, I’m picking up thermoses (Why?) and pages if they’re in front of me, but I generally try to get from dark woods section A to location B as quickly as possible. I stop for hidden chests.

I can’t get enough of the fake episodic nature of this game. There’s something inside of me that gets excited the instant “Previously on Alan Wake” is uttered, and the recap gets going. This is a great format. I can take the game in chunks, digest it, and come back to it later. Built in stopping points with cliff hangers as opposed to one long unbroken narrative that you quit out of when you’ve had enough. Or, maybe I’m down with this because of all of those childhood years being conditioned by television. “Previously on X-men”

The PC version has the DLC (except American Nightmare) baked in to the game, so nothing to worry about there. Just hope the story holds up til the end.