Calin and I were talking about this the other night. What I wouldn’t give for a game set in a convincingly-realised, realistic modern-day city that wasn’t undergoing an apocalypse, zombie outbreak, military invasion or crimewave — and a game where you don’t feel obliged to be a dick antihero. I’d absolutely play a game where you just “lived” in a realistic city, could explore its various nooks and crannies and get to know the characters therein. You could add some sort of story and/or quests over the top, or perhaps some sort of Persona style dating sim mechanics where you built up relationships with people around the game world.

I know I’m basically describing The Sims 3, but I’m thinking a game like that with more direct control and less micromanaging of how much you need to go to the toilet. I think it would be interesting.

It will also never happen. Ever. Unless I make it.