Bowley: My second playthrough of Alan Wake skipped the thermoses and was much better for it. Doing that annoying collectibleshit seriously dampened my enthusiasm for the game. It was much better as a straight narrative shot.

I think you’ll be happy with the resolution apart from one glaring chekov’s gun never firing style annoyance. Replaying Alan Wake, I was reminded what a cool, sophisticated story they were trying to tell here.

I would say basically that the DLC isn’t really all that relevant to the main storyline, enjoyment wise. For me, it felt more like a bonus track or an Omake. Before I played it, I was raging at the mouth at how they “held the ending back for DLC”. Once I finished the DLC I kind of wished I’d been satisfied with the original ending of the story.

Still love Alan Wake though. Killer soundtrack, killer presentation. Would buy again. Come on Swedish people, stop fucking around with Max Payne.