Eh. I am always skeptical of trailers these days, largely because 1) they often include nothing about the game whatsoever and 2) they’re not necessarily representative of the final game when they do bother to include some actual graphics. I mean, sure, this looks cool, but it’s a collection of cutscenes, nothing more. We can pretty much guarantee that it’s going to have the same sense of dissonance between gameplay and story as the last few GTAs, and that people will still buy it by the millions and love it. I will probably be among them — though I never felt the impetus to finish GTAIV, which is causing me to pause over this one.

I think I’m just weary of the public and press alike collectively sucking Rockstar’s dick over GTAV. Everyone bitches about countdowns to announcements of trailers when people like Square, Capcom or Activision do them, but Rockstar are following that model to the fucking letter and everyone is lapping it up without any sense of irony whatsoever — press included, which is somewhat hypocritical after the whole “Doritosgate” thing recently. Rockstar could have put out Meatspin when they said the trailer was going to release and they would have still had a bajillion views.