@angryjedi Well damn I was just about to walk in here with that talk after trying out a little bit of the demo.

What you just described is pretty much something I’ve at least been interested in trying out for a while – something that isolates narrative and character interaction parts of RPGs and builds a whole game out of that. A drama or sitcom in video game form if you will.

Of course the reason these mechanics work so well in Persona or even BioWare games is because they have well-written characters and dialogue, plus good localization in the case of Persona. So far the characters I’ve met in CTHCC are at least likable.

Just one problem – playing the game in this low-ass resolution on a big computer monitor. I seriously hope you aren’t trying to play that on your HTPC with that 1080p TV. Why the hell didn’t they just make this a DSiWare game or something, its appeal is already basically niche.

Will further investigate, possibly picking it up when the Steam sales come down.