I am looking for some more writers for GamesAreEvil, specifically to write one 1,000-word column per week on a specific, focused gaming-related subject that is of interest to you.

The chap who has up until now been writing our “The Vault” retro gaming column on Saturdays is unfortunately no longer able to fit that into his schedule, so I’d like it someone was able to take that on on a (probably) temporary basis until he’s able to rejoin the team. Here are his past entries if you want to take a look.

I’d also like someone to take over the “FreePlay” column on the subject of free shit. This could be free-to-play games, mobile games, freeware games, free mods or whatever — anything, so long as it’s free for people to download and at least get started with. This column goes out on Thursdays, but you can submit it any time it is convenient to you, so long as it’s ready in time for Thursday.

If anyone has any interest in other niche subjects and would like to write a weekly 1,000 word column on said subject, please get in touch. So far, we have the following niches covered:

  • Tactical Tuesday — bi-monthly strategy game musings by our own @unmanneddrone. Goes out on Wednesdays. Just kidding.
  • Swords & Zippers — weekly JRPG musings by me every Wednesday
  • FreePlay — weekly musings on free shit, currently by me but IT COULD BE YOU. Goes out on Thursdays.
  • Insert Coin — weekly arcade culture column. Goes out on Fridays.
  • READ.ME — weekly visual novel musings by me. Goes out on Sundays.

The Vault previously went out on Saturdays, but again, you can submit at any time in the week so long as it’s ready in time. If you have a niche interest that’s not already covered and are interested in enthusing about it regularly, get in touch.

If you’re interested in some more general writing such as news and reviews, also get in touch. Please check out the GrE Manifesto beforehand. Several Squaddies have already contributed on a number of occasions and I trust you guys to do good work that needs relatively minimal editing, so that’s why I’m coming here first.

This is voluntary work so I can’t pay you. However, I can snag review copies for specific things you might like to cover that you don’t already own.