@bowlisimo I’m a few hours in so far and yeah… I have mixed feelings about it. Love the setting, love the narrative as well (at least what’s happening in the Aminus so far). It is a slow burn but like the Minottis mentioned on the last EBP it’s working for me. On the flipside, there is a lot of needless “gameplay” between cutscenes. Walk 10 steps, cutscene… then open a door, cutscene, then ease drop… cutscene… then you fight for 5 minutes… again another cutscene. I’m hoping this is only because it’s early in the game and they need to set-up their narrative. If you are doing to mix gameplay and cutscenes, at least put in more substantial (and lengthy) gameplay elements between the cinematics.

Also, I already get the sense Ubisoft spent a lot of time (again…) on un-necessary padding . There are 3 types of dice games you can play. Why 3!? Who exactly looked at their mini-games and said we need more dice variety in our mini-games? That is not why people play AC… but Ubisoft again feels the need to add more content instead of simply improving existent content/mechanics (see the Tower defense from the last game). I’m still into the game… but my enthousiasm in the series seems to keep wavering since the high of AC 2 and Brotherhood.

In other news, I just received my copy of Spec Ops: the line in the mail today continuing my weird streak of shooters through Game Access (just finished Modern Warfare 1 and 2). I will likely try to play this in concert with AC3. All depending on my free time.

Also, letterpress on iOS people…. get on it. I need more challengers 😛