On the subject of games @unmanneddrone fervently recommends that no one will ever play ( 😀 I kid, I kid), let’s talk AIRMECH, real quick.

Never played Herzog Zwei, but it looks like the idea for Airmech is certainly rooted there. It’s a lighthearted, Western take on transforming mecha, mixed with some DOTA dna, along with some simple real-time resource and army building mechanics. Super easy to play, and kind of feels like opening up the toy box as a kid, and mashing Transformers and army tanks together, while making machine gun and explosion sounds.

I’d categorize the game as a fun time waster, though it does have depth, and a ton of options for your specific Airmech/Pilot and what kind of army you field, but since it’s free to play, a lot of the good stuff is locked behind points. I’m also not really into competing online, so I’ll skirmish the AI when I feel like flying around. Get in, blow up the AI, get out. Fun, but that’s about it.

Not really a hard sell, because it’s free to play (although still in beta). Do you think you’d like a stealth bomber that transforms into a mech with blade hands, or a flying saucer that turns into a War of the Worlds tripod? Howabout airdropping army tanks? Well, then you should take a look at Airmech.