Quick RE4 Halloween game update: Got over the poor first impression and got into a groove (as was foretold by the Squad) while Sandy made landfall. I have definitely learned how to work within the system, move the way they want me to move, and manage the weird situations they’ve thrown me into. And really, it’s that groove that is the only thing that I’m enjoying about this game. “What the hell are they going to throw at me next (can I survive it with these shitty controls)?” and “Should I upgrade this gun or wait?” has been the RE4 experience for me.

The rest of the time I eyeroll at the bad dialogue. I don’t give a damn about this “story”, I don’t like Leon, Ashley, or Luis. The MERCHANT is the most interesting character in the game so far. “What, THAT GUN? That gun is not just about the shootin’ but it’s about the reloadin'”. Why does he have shops full of guns everywhere, and why is he so damn awesome, buying all my shit at a high price? This is the only thing I’m actually interested in. On second thought, terminator Rasputin man had potential, too.

Favorite things: Shooting projectiles out of the air like it’s Time Crisis or something. Killing a miniboss in two hits with a magnum. Easy Puzzles. Also, bolt action rifle.

My least favorite things: Agile monsters vs tank controlled main character. At least a sidestep or strafe movement would be appreciated. Ashley escort from afar sections. Ashley.

Started chapter 4, hopefully I get a chance to stick it to that gross little Napoleon guy.