Man… Lone survivor is pretty messed up and surreal o_O not exactly “scary” per se, but nice and odd and unsettling. Got into the street, not sure how much longer I gotta go…

HOWEVER what I DO know is no way in hell I’m marathoning any type of horror game for 8 hours before going to bed =P especially when I have to interact with real humans tomarrow

otherwise playing King’s Bounty Warriors of the North and it’s everything you would expect. Most of the differences are different mechanics and areas, new critters, new abilties, the tiny dragon became 5 women (maybe? haven’t met them yet) and it’s all the HoMM3 RPG fun you’d expect. more later =)

Edit: Also in for the Hero U kickstarter!
Current outstanding projects are: Project Eternity, Shadowrun RPG, Wasteland 2 and formerly Shaker.