This was like … the first in a line of good third person games. Third person was done before … but the character was usually right in the middle of the screen obscuring the action… and aiming was usually haphazard too. GTA III was basically as good as it got for third person action at that point. Not so good. Metal Gear didn’t even get into 3rd person till Snake Eater re-released as subsistence years after. The game that convinced people action games could be done really well with a 3D camera? Resident Evil 4.
Also, I liked the feeling of being hunted and trapped in buildings with multiple ways in and dudes doing whatever they can to pitchfork you in the face. That seemed intense. There were just some isolated scenarios in that game that made you think about what you were doing when you have limited resources.
I guess it probably seems outdated now, but I look on it as pretty innovative.