Folks, Krater now has co-op, amidst a massive overhaul of systems and such! To celebrate, it’s now at ridiculous prices on Steam for today only.

Krater – 7.49USD / Krater Collector’s Edition (Krater, OST, Dr Cerebro character DLC) – 9.99USD / Krater 2 Pack – 13.49 / Krater Collector’s Edition 2 Pack on Gamersgate (Steamworks) – 19.99USD

Always a hard sell with this one, it seems. But, if you want Torchlight meets Borderlands with emphasis on MOBA-esque combat across curiously green and gorgeous irradiated countryside, there is much bang for buck going on right here. Maybe keep it for winter, if you’re one of those seasonal types. As stated prior, Mac version update coming early November.