@redswir1 Started RE4. Gaaaah, the controls! Ok, I expected them to be awful. What I didn’t expect was dying over and over again 15 minutes into the game.

You know when you first get to the village, and there are a bunch of dirty villagers moving back and forth saying “mierda!” every 5 seconds? That part. My guess is they want me to stealth, but if their idea of stealth is to conspicuously stroll through the village without even being able to duck my head or sneaky crouch walk, I’m very disappointed.

Speaking of disappointed, in the opening, I feel like they missed a big opportunity to go the Lovecraft route. What I mean is, they didn’t even try to lure me in and creep me out with suspiciously shifty village folk that turn on me once I’ve started asking too many questions. No, instead in the first 5 minutes I get “raaaaa, I will murder you with this axe!” Tension, there is none.

I know you said this is more Aliens than Alien, but even Aliens had a TON of tension and a big build up to that eventual “LET’S ROOOCK!” firefight.

RE4 and I are off on the wrong foot. -50 cool game points for shitty opening.