@bowlisimo Frankly I think unfettered good will is still doing pretty good, because despite having spent all the money (and extra), main dev promises anyone who wants a refund they can have it

Interestingly enough only 2 people have asked for their money back, here’s an interesting quote from the lead guy from that article

“When I posted that [I would refund people], I anticipated that I would have to dig into retirement funds and have to shell out $20,000,” he said. “A lot more have taken the time to comment or email me that they don’t want that. That they’re sticking with it.”

he’s also offered all monetary rights to anyone who could finish it. As far as failed projects go, that’s all a pretty feelgood story. Hell, imagine all the people who are part of the first kickstarter who are likely going to get nothing, and they almost to a man went “Yeah, I knew that was possible, and I’m not particularly put out by it.” when there’s *money* on the line? that’s crazy =P

If this is the promised “Kickstarter apocalypse” I’m frankly not impressed c_c

@redswirl at least 2, FTL and something else, can’t remember what it was.