I think art direction makes for great discussion, especially if we’ve got something like HL2 and Dishonored to compare and contrast. I figure I can’t hold sustained art direction in a bad light, even when jumping IPs. It seems like a decent fit. In such a position as art director, you can’t help but bring your own style to the table.

If I were ever in charge of doing something with Wuthering Heights, I’d try and squeeze in a dropship and some battlesuits.

@cgrajko @impynickers Bring on dat Cyberpunk! Sumptuous.

Hot on the heels of FTL and other indie gems that somehow outdo even a triumvirate of As, I present to you November’s corker of a game. Meet Cargo Commander:

Spelunky in space? Either way, it has that rogue-like risk/reward aspect. You’re charged with attracting massive floating space containers to temporarily collide with your station, then go aboard to retrieve whatever you can find. It sounds simplistic, but I’ve spent a little bit of time with a preview code and it’s amazing. Especially when you’ve gone three or four containers out from your home and a wormhole starts to suck them away, collapsing walls and bulkheads – leaving you frantically trying to pick your way back the way you came, or desperately drilling out into the void for a distance-saving space-hop. Really good stuff. Impressions for GamesAreEvil next week, plus a developer interview then the final review.