@shingro Great to hear. So much for that Take-Two Hartmann bloke saying strategy games are a moribund genre, especially when he sits atop Firaxis. Bizarre.

Tactical strategy games especially have such propensity for emergent narrative. The skin-of-the-teeth scenarios, those moments of blind luck, last-ditch efforts, magnificent-bordering-on-unbelievable coups…but even those rare scenarios where your plan just unfolds as planned…

…for a genre that isn’t particularly known for strong story-telling (Token Homeworld exception and, for my money, World in Conflict), you sure can find killer stories. I like XCOM, even owning the collector’s trilogy of those strange Altar UFO Aftermath/Shock/light interim reworkings, and shall pick up this new effort down the line. Jagged Alliance is most resonant with the emergent narrative or situational storytelling. Those crazy scenarios, proffering great feats or great loss (or both!), are the ones where you hit the end and flop back in the chair in accomplished satisfaction or bemused horror.

Generally, it’s bemused horror with me. Come the end of the month when we get Krater’s big overhaul, that’ll be order of the day. Bemusement drizzled atop endless mounds of horror and loss.