@beige that’s great XD In X-com the struggles of the man on top are every bit as harrowing as the ones on the ground.

@bowlisimo The craziness of it is that the story of The Lady Grey actually ended with her buying the farm on the very last mission (characterized by tight corridors and open rooms) but she still got her entire squad out of there. One last sacrifice to save their lives, it was a very fitting arc from the messiah perspective =P.

Oh, the Obsidian RPG kickstarter is on it’s last 5 hour sprint ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity ) 3.5 million, I hope they haven’t promised themselves into a corner here, because damned if they haven’t hit every single stretch goal so far. Hopefully the reduced scope and requirements of a 2d RPG will let them pull it off.