Maybe it’s because I haven’t played Thief yet but Jesus Christ Dishonored is the shit. Probably the best stealth game I’ve played this gen (the only other legit one being the first Crysis).

Basically, Arkane found the solution for stealth games – short range teleportation. I’m just shocked at how well the blink ability fits. It fees like the first time I got the gravity gun, or a hookshot, or the portal gun. It’ simple, works somehow in most situations the game presents you with, and somehow still doesn’t break the game. It’s genius. So far Arkane has created an absolutely optimal stealth RPG.

And it’s also one of the best cases of art-over-tech I’ve seen for a full retail game these days. It’s actually ironic that I’m playing this back-to-back with Borderlands 2, which is all cel shaded on the same engine. The production screenshots of Dishonored really do not do it justice. The attention to detail in the environments, with just enough fancy lighting and shaders to complete the look. The overall look of the game, especially the character proportions and relative level of surrealism remind me of Team Fortress 2 more than anything else. My only complaint is that the texture resolution is disappointing.

The reason I’m gushing so much over this though is because this mix of stealth and exploration is pretty much the perfect style of game design for me. It’s like Arkane knew what I wanted in a game.