@Redswirl Ive been taking the Dishonored plunge on PC.

Ive played only a bit. Its a strange one. It feels like a bunch of games ive played, but is paced completely differently. The base story so far hasn’t grabbed me, but the world is interesting. The gameplay is smooth however. Platforming and sword play is a snappy well executed affair. The variety in accomplishing missions is nice. Its also rare that I will find a door in the main city that I cannot go into somehow and explore. Some side missions I have found to be pretty linear, but fun enough. The skills are interesting and useful for different play styles.

There are many PC specific options for tweaking HUD, FOV and graphics, which are nice, but I feel like playing this game on a console would have been fine. There is a distinctly Bioshocky feel to the controls and UI, as well as the looting system.

The parts that remind me specifically of thief would be the mission structure (There are specific missions that end with you returning to your home base) and the side objectives. The stealth… yeah, its thief-esque, but the absence of a light meter and any real ‘hide in shadows’ style mechanic changes the way you actually hide (You break line of sight). Its like stealth in assassins creed, they have a threat meter.

So far I am enjoying it a bunch. I have yet to see whether it carries through on all the promises it makes. Hopefully so.