Ok, I just pledged at the Freelancer level. Always said I’d back a space flight sim if it ever went the crowdfunding route, so it’s time to put my money where my mouth is. Maybe I’ll have a new rig by the time this game comes out (or IF it does). It’s a weird notion to swat away $60 finished games that I can play right now, only to pay twice the price at the chance that one I really want will be good years from now. Don’t make sense of it, just let it wash over you.

Star Citizen features a dynamic economy and an open world. Roberts describes it as a mash up of Freelancer and Privateer, two of his previous games, and a Wing Commander game. The single-player mode can be played offline or co-op with friends in a similar fashion to the way players impact each other’s games in Demon’s Souls, he said.

The story revolves around a political drama inspired by the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. But players will be most concerned with Squadron 42, a sort of sci-fi French Foreign Legion. 42 has a reputation for always pulling through even during the most difficult of missions, and your goal is to get accepted into its ranks.

Sounds like a good start to me. Also Kotaku was wrong, it’s not Free-to-play. “Not a subscription but not free-to-play; rather a hybrid of these two business models. Much like ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2, you will purchase the PC game and pay no recurring subscription charges.”