I’ve been meaning to compare and contrast Home vs Sole Survivor – AKA, “those 2 pixelated 2D survival horror games”. All Hallows Eve is as good a reason as any to trot them both out and give them a wiggle. Also Slender, which I hear is supposedly both short and great.

Amnesia? Yeah, awesome stuff. It was on our must play horror list for the last year. If you haven’t tried it you really should. It’s the the most solid experience end-to-end but much like Scratches (which I also heartily recommend for those of you looking to spook yourselves) it contains a number of memorable moments which will permanently ingrain themselves into your memory lexicon.

I’d certainly be up for a horror show, if we were doing it comunally. Not sure RE6 counts anymore, as you say “sliding along the ground, dropping mines in front of zombies” is certainly a thing – but horror it ain’t.