@beige I hope you’ve seen the Star Citizen/Squadron 42 – Chris Roberts news by now? I welled up with tears of happiness after watching that video.

Taking a step back though, it sounds very ambitious. If I understand correctly, Star Citizen is a free to play, more cockpit oriented, Eve Online/Freelancer game with a (singleplayer?) story campaign inside of that called Squadron 42, that will also have multiplayer hooks. Hmm, it sounds like 2014 might be a bit optimistic.

To be honest, I’d rather have an engrossing singleplayer experience and storyline, but my guess is you still can’t get investors for a set of missions and a concourse. On top of that, this game won’t even get those investors until it meets a crowdfunded amount FIRST.

But whatever, I dub 2012 “the year of hope”, where mechs, isometric party-based rpgs, and now space sims are possibilities again.