Today is a happy day. XCOM vs Dishonored. Two great tastes that apparently taste independently great.

Today I’ll be strolling to the store (or clicking through to it at least) to pick up at least one or both of these titles. Dishonored, I figure, falls pretty squarely into the Bowley “Don’t buy this game until 6 months after release” wheelhouse, and I’d hold back if I thought I could. But who’s kidding who here? This thing is the spiritual successor to games like Thief. We’re playing it.

My problem, I find, is now one of platform choice. Dishonored is pretty obviously a shoe-in for my one remaining “quiet” console (the 360) in preference to the loudness which is my Playstation 3. It just seems like a console title — though I have no idea which of the bizarre retailer-specific preorder bonus playstyle gimmicks I’ll go with. Almost certainly this means that I’ll be going with none of the above and playing vanilla Dishonored. Haven’t seen a preorder bonus yet that I couldn’t live without.

Secondly: XCOM. Obviously this is going to happen but I’m having a bitch of a time deciding whether I want to go with the 360 version or the PC version. PC Xcom will no doubt run slightly better and have better graphics and more precise controls, but when you’re talking long games, when all is said and done I much prefer sitting in my pleasant living room on my couch with my big screen TV to hunkering down in the basement. If the experience wasn’t by all accounts so close, I’m sure I’d have an easier time with it. What are all yall considering?