I think I’ve said before that Dishonored is on my “wait and see” list but my rental copy should be here either today or tomorrow. From reviews I’ve heard it’s looking more like their real successor to Arx Fatalis in some light, or at least from that same simulation RPG linage. I for one love the setting.

On XCOM, I’m waiting until I’ve actually, y’know, played the entire original X-Com series I bought on Steam for $5 probably three years ago. I paid for them, I should play them.

I’m in the same boat with @bowlisimo regarding AC3 though. That’s the one AAA game I know I’m going to buy this fall with some other stuff on my “rent first” list like Hitman. Also like bowls, my PC is nearing the end of its viability for AAA games. I’m seriously concerned that it won’t handle Far Cry 3 after hearing about it’s 4GB RAM minimum requirement. I’ll probably be able to handle some of the spring 2013 games as well, but I think it’s a bout time to make that system transition if I can afford it.

Weirdly, outside of PC my main platform this fall is increasingly looking to be the 3DS. Another supposedly good game that comes out this week is Code of Princess which, despite being about a teenage girl wearing almost zero clothes wielding a sword twice her size, is apparently like a spiritual sequel to the Saturn classic Guardian Heroes or something. Gameplay looks good enough for a rental trial. The sequel to 999 comes out at the end of this month, and some time around there is also a spiritual sequel to the Genesis Mickey Mouse games from the guy who made Henry Hatsworth. Oh, and Nintendo also went and announced the sequel to Pushmo, which was the secret killer app of the 3DS’s eShop.

As for the here and now, I resisted posting about Resident Evil 6 because I sensed no one here would give a shit, but that’s basically what I did over last weekend.

Fans are pissed that this game basically completes the franchise’s transition into an action series but in my opinion they just mad. To be honest, RE6 at its core feels like a proper evolution of 4’s base mechanics. Flipping and dodging around half-man-half-spider hybrids that still shoot at you with guns, beating upside-down-bat chimeras to death with kung fu, and planting remote mines at the feet of zombies mid-slide is just fun as shit, plain and simple. The problem is that Capcom didn’t actually teach players how to do any of that shit in the game itself, so what you’re left with at face value is, well, Gears with anime-style mega-corporations as the enemy.