I feel like it’s officially time to trot out the morbid and creepifying stuff, and I intend to do so with Amnesia. Who’s with me? I know a lot of us have this in our pile of shame, and I think it’s time we did something about it. We’ve all heard people rave. We’ve all heard stories of people playing it and losing their wits. We even have a few Squaddies who have played it and lived to tell the tale.

So who’s with me? Those of you who have played it can look and laugh as we experience The Dark Descent, and those of us playing it for the first time can find solace in knowing that far, far away, someone like us is embarking on the same journey.

I also have an obscure series of RPGs that I’m starting, but I don’t want to even mention it until I have enough for a big ol’ spiel here on the Squawkbox.