@beige Go to the platform that your ass desires, but note that XCOM is $45 at Green Man Gaming, and the key imports to Steam.

Both of those games are in my Wheelhouse of Disregard, unfortunately. XCOM looks rad, but I feel like I want to play that game when it’s filled out by DLC and expansions. Dishonored, on the other hand, doesn’t really interest me, I think it’s the setting more than the mechanics. The only game I plan on dropping the full pay-out-the-ass price on is AC3. The last of the HAVE TO SEE THIS titles for me. Still have to wait a month for the PC version because, you know, Ubisoft.

That’ll probably be one of the last big AAA games my PC can handle anyway. Thinking of letting the machine slide further into obsolescence until I’m in a better place, personally and financially. PS3/PS2/Steam backlog and indie games will be more than enough to get me by.