@beige I think it’s interesting where and what we draw our narrative from. I personally think it’s a very nebulous concept, the game narrative…although I hate firmly grasping the shaft and proclaiming “It’s LUDIC, PERTAINING TO LUDOLOGY!”, even though it’s perhaps more apt in terms of drawing upon something emergent.

Endless Space is certainly a grey area, as I love the teased nature of the races and universe, but can totally understand the perspective of folks wanting a little more meat on the personality bone.

FTL is such a strange thing. Outside of simple justifications for interactions, it’s completely mechanical. Totally lean. Which, for my money, works in favour of connecting player action to consequence without going through the proxy of developer-designed fluff. Given the mortal fragility of your agency, the skin of the teeth escapes or coat of paint victories immediately forge incredible experiences and lasting memories.

But this has all been said before, and by far more eloquent fellows!