Yeah, Homeworld. Awesome stuff. What I most remember (as you’ll probably hear if you listen to our ancient Squadcast on the subject) was that while there wans’t much dialoge, the dialogue that WAS there was very well delivered. I still remember the “Kharak is… burning…” line delivered by one of your subordinates in a voice halfway between crying and deadpan sending a chill up my spine.

You can go TOO far with this of course, and Infinite Space is the example. Guys, throw me at least some kind of characterization bone with your (admittedly very pretty) excel simulator.

FTL strangely? Huge character and personality despite having basically zero dialogue OR voice acting whatsoever. I never get tired of watching slugs and mantis fire lasers at each other while little ion pew pews and beam zzzztttz fire back across my ship’s broadside.