Wait, did I ever talk about having finished Arx Fatalis here? I actually did that a while ago and wrote a little thing on it back on my page.

Basically, like someone else already said, it felt like basically the last actual first person dungeon crawler until Legend of Grimrock came out 11 years later.

In the sadly short GAF thread people started to get pissed off that this game was the last gasp of a promise – the promise of first person simulation RPGs being the future of gaming but dying because customers and the industry jimmied out. You got shit started by Ultima Underworld in the 90’s which continued through System Shock and Deus Ex and whatnot, and then after Arx in 2001 you had basically nothing until Bioshock came out in 2007 and blew console gamers’ minds. Today I sound like a snob when I tell people practically everything in that game was done 10 years ago on the PC.

But hey, at least this console generation did indeed resurrect the first person simulation RPG, if only in a limited fashion.

There was a moment in Arx when I found myself having sat down in front of a kitchen stove for 10 minutes frying chicken wings and thinking to myself “Yeah, I’m definitely enjoying this more than Call of Duty.