I am glad that you are taking to the genre. Certainly the one that kept me engaged throughout my youth, and the genre did kind of die a bit in the 2000’s. For all its popularity with it fans and the critics though, it was rarely so commercially successful to warrant a mass trend. I guess the late 80’s early 90’s first person rpg’s were the high point of influence, but certainly not as refined or innovative as the Warren Spector school of games.

I get that whole PC snob thing. The history of console gamers and PC gamers were once distinct and seperate, but the 360 changed that. Now that there are all these old guard PC developers in the console space, we see a co-mingling of these histories. Its great because its new for the console gamer. They were not exposed to these design philosophies. I would say these philosophies effected the console space more than the console space effects the PC space. Indie game trends aside. So when you give a claim to knowledge in that space, there is this whole ‘cred’ thing going on. The whole ‘I played that before it was cool’ mentality. Which while true doesn’t necessarily discredit peoples modern experiences with a game.